Bed / Mattress Sizes

You have to know the difference in bed-sizes (depends on the size of the mattress has to fit the bed), before the choice of the bed size is done:

USA Bed and Mattress Sizes
  • Twin / Single 39'' x 75''
  • Full / Double 54'' x 75''
  • Queen 60'' x 80''
  • California Queen 60'' x 84''
  • King 76'' x 80''
  • California King 72'' x 84''

💡Tip: Those bed-frame sizes are important to know before you choose the mattress. But don't forget to check the "descriptions" of the beds to see the space the bed will occupy in the room. If you already bought the mattress and now you're looking for a bed the mattress will fit, you have to measure the mattress and check which bed is good for it.

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